Child's Cards in
Arabic and English
- Vehicles

Age group: 6-14 years

Pages:       44

Size:         11.7 x 17.0cm


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Child's Cards in Arabic and English - Vehicles contains many useful words and phrases for children in the 6 to 14 years age group. The pages flip vertically. Each page contains a picture of a vehicle or mode of transport which children will recognise.

Above the pictures are the Arabic and English words for the vehicles, and below are phrases which are at a good level to help understanding and introduce new words.

This book has 44 picture pages. Touch the words and phrases to hear them in Arabic or English. Touch a picture to hear a sound related to it.

Touch the background to hear a nice tune!

Click Download to save the book's sound file to your computer.

After downloading, copy the file to the pen using the USB cable.