Jigsaw English Alphabet
(for Arabic speakers)

Age group: 2-14 years

Pieces:      16

Size:          30.2 x 3.4 x 23.3cm

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The Jigsaw - English Alphabet is a great new way to help children learn the English alphabet in conjunction with Arabic.

There are 16 pieces which are put together to make a 4x4 alphabet matrix. There are also 52 removable letters which can be arranged to form words with their audio spelling!

As well as containing letters the pieces also have pictures which link to English and Arabic audio words and sentences when touched by a SpeaKit audio pen. The Jigsaw ABC is separate to the Arabic-English Box Set and so requires readers to have an audio pen and to download its audio file into the audio pen.

Click Download to save the book's sound file to your computer.
Download the jigsaw file...
After downloading, copy the file to the pen using the USB cable.