Arabic English Box Set

Age group: 2-14 years

Books:       6

Size:         32 x 10 x 23cm

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The Arabic English Box Set contains six books, a set of 36 SpeaKers, and a high specification E9000-A audio pen. It is created for young children from ages 2 to 14 years but is also very suitable for anyone wishing to have an enhanced method of learning words and sentences in both Arabic and English.

Also included in the set is a User Manual, a 3-pin plug with a 2-pin adapter, and a Warranty Card.
The books in this set are:

  • Baby’s Cards - Body, Actions, Emotions
  • Child’s Cards - Everyday Things
  • Child’s Cards - Vehicles
  • First Steps - English
  • First Steps - Numbers 1
  • First Steps - Numbers 2

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